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Pool Repairs

Whether you are looking for a quality professional or just wanting to educate yourself on the topic, you have come to the right place. We have offered pool repairs to Las Vegas for years now and plan on continuing to do so. No repair job is to big or to small, we repair chips, pumps, filters you name it. Most pool repair work can be easily fixed as long as you address the issue as soon as possible. We have been servicing the Las Vegas area for several years and now have a long list of satisfied customers to prove it. Call today and find out why your neighbors choose us for all their repairs. All we ask is that you call us out for one job, we'll do the rest from there.



How to

Heaters can be one of the more complicated repairs when it comes to your swimming pool, a licensed professional is strongly recommended. So whether your pool is using natural gas or propane be cautious.

pool leaks

Pool Leaks

What if

What if what you thought was a leak was really just water evaporation, or the other way around and what you thought was normal was actually a serious leak in your shell? Make sure what ever it is you find out today.

pool filter


Clean or repair

Depending on the type of filter your pool is using your options will vary. Some of the calls we receive don't require anymore then some cleaning.

pool pump


Broken pumps ruin motors

Keep in mind that leaking pumps are known for destroying motors and should be considered an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

We are capable but not limited to the repair work mentioned above. We have been providing Las Vegas with quality repair work for sometime now. We know pools like the back of our hands and our years of experience is offered to all pool owners in the Las Vegas area. As mentioned before most pool damage we come in contact with could have easily been prevented if the owner had just made the call to us sooner. This especially pertains to leaks, leaks in the shell of your swimming pool can double in damage cost very quickly. Leaks in pumps can also be deadly, allow a leak in your pump to go on for long enough and it could ruin your motor.